Does your PC have Data Protection and Backup Utility??

Have you experienced a moment of frantic when suddenly your laptop or PC crashes on you and it's not coming up again?? You were in the middle of some project, and your machine suddenly dies on you, you sit there staring at a blank screen, tapping the laptop(like its an old analog TV), moving your mouse all around, and re-starting the machine as the last attempt, frustrated that all your unsaved precious data is gone for good?? Well, if you haven't experienced this yet, thank the lord and at least try to imagine such a scenario, for that would open your eyes to the fact that Data Backup is extremely important in today's high-tech world!

I recently came across Tilana Reserves which offers such a facility, and is among the newest and most progressive answers to the problem of data protection and management. As a fully managed turnkey CDP (continuous data protection) solution for SMB and home PC users, it stands virtually alone in a fragmented market mostly occupied by old-fashioned backup solutions that rely on the scheduled sequential method.

Tilana's new service uses a desktop software client to securely transmit files between the user's protected PC and personal remote storage space. After the initial upload of protected files, the software sends only changes to files as they're saved, along with any new files as they appear in protected folders on the user's computer.

Changes to protected files are stored in the user's personal remote storage for as long as needed, and made immediately available through a version history palette in the desktop software control panel, enabling easy remote file access.

The Tilana Reserve software is available for free download, installs in about a minute and requires little if any configuration. Users can choose to enable an unlimited number of computers with the free software, and synchronize files on those computers via their personal remote storage access space. I think its a brilliant tool, easy to use, and great for data protection. If you don't have some Backup tool on your personal computer yet, its time you understood the enormity of the situation and take necessary steps, before your machine dies a sad death, taking all your invaluable data alongwith it!!

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Ashish said...

that is actually a nice post Mansi...I have faced data loss before and I'd highly recommend everyone to install backup and data protection on home and office PCs!!


Shaun said...

the beta version of Tilana is really good, and they recently partnered with the Planet, which gave their software a major boost!


Anonymous said...

Hi! its my first time on your site, and its nice to know you write quality articles on so many different topics!:) i really liked the Tata Nano post!

keep up the good work:)


Mansi Desai said...

glad you'll liked it folks! after losing my data once, I've learnt a good lesson!!

Ashish, Shaun - thanks for your feedback! i'm sure that helps!

KD - welcome to the blog, and thanks for the appreciation! I'll try to post even more in the future, so keep visiting:)