Protect Your Smartphones with BullGuard Mobile Antivirus

Recently in the news, sophisticated and costly scams have been revealed, where unknowing users have had their devices hijacked remotely to dial premium rate numbers or send mass SMS and MMS messages fraudulently creating exorbitant bills.

Mobile devices can be infected with malware via email, Bluetooth connections and MMS messages, which can then be used to forward infected files to personal contacts, or transfer malicious code to a user’s PC upon connection. Another common source is through the downloading of programs and apps from unreliable sources.

Smartphones and pocket PCs are now more popular than ever, prompting an increase in online malware aimed at the operating systems of these devices appearing. This malicious software can be used to:

Steal or delete confidential or personal information (e.g., address book)

Disable functions (SMS, games, camera, etc.) or completely disable the whole device

Deplete the phone’s battery at a faster rate than normal

Forward infected files to people under your name (via email, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)

Transfer malicious code from the smartphone to a PC upon connection.

Smartphones are now as susceptible to viruses, worms and Trojans as PCs, so users should now be seeking anti-virus software protection.

Bullguard Mobile Antivirus runs on Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 & UIQ 3.0 operating systems, with multiple language versions available. The software performs the same functions as PC anti-virus software to protect against malicious programs that target mobile platforms.

The software package is optimized for mobile devices, with a very simple user interface and easy navigation as necessary for a small screen.

Anti-virus protection is provided by the following features:

On-Access Scanning

All incoming or modified SMS, MMS and email items are automatically scanned for malicious programs. BullGuard Mobile also monitors executable files arriving via Bluetooth or other connection channels. Trusted addresses can be added to a ‘white list’ for incoming messages, and a ‘black list’ blocks incoming messages from untrustworthy sources.

On-Demand Scanning

A thorough mobile scan can be launched at any time - this can be focused on scanning memory cards or individual files and folders. If an infected object is detected, it is isolated in the quarantine folder or deleted, and an activity log records details.

Automatic Updates

The BullGuard server is constantly being updated with new virus definition databases. Mobile devices can connect to update anti-virus definitions on a user-defined schedule. Updates are accessed via WAP / HTTP (GPRS, EDGE, 3G) or with the aid of a PC. If GPRS is used, the user is cautioned when roaming, to stop costly and inconvenient downloads

BullGuard Support

As with other BullGuard products, the software comes with free 24-hour access to BullGuard Support. This personal assistance service for all security-related queries has a 1 hour fastest response-time available.

Installation of BullGuard Mobile Antivirus is easy - mobile devices can be synced from a PC, or the software can be directly installed to smartphones wirelessly. Once installed, the software is designed to operate with minimum interruption to the user, and low resource consumption ensures phone operation isn’t slowed and battery life doesn’t drain faster.

Bullguard Mobile Antivirus protects mobile devices and their content from a variety of online threats, is easy to use, and works quietly in the background. A trial version is available to download for a 14 day free evaluation.

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Dish Network Installation - Today's best bet in Satellite TV

After the switch to Digital TV, the choices for customers to view best HD programming are endless. However, the eternal battle between Cable and Satellite still remains powerful. If you are planning to get Digital Cable, I think Satellite is the best bet to get more channels, better HD programming, and more bang for your bucks - unless you are stuck in an apartment that offers no south-west-facing balcony necessary for a satellite reception, or are stuck in an enduring contract with a cable provider like Comcast.

If you are unsure about why Satellite is a better choice over cable, read some of the advantages listed below, without getting too technical about the service:

More Variety of Programs - Satellite TV currently has over 350 channels of programming as opposed to a handful of channels on analog TV and an average of 179 channels on cable TV. A current Dish Network Installation package can get you a great deal on not just programming, but also pay-per-view movies and special events, sports programming, commercial-free music channels, HD (high definition) programming, and a host of international channels.

Better HD Picture Quality - Satellite television is broadcast in digital format so you get a clearer, more lifelike picture than you get with cable or analog TV. There are fewer blackouts than with cable TV, and there's no ghosting or snow like you get with analog TV.

Budget-Friendly Package Options - You can get satellite TV service for as little as $19.99. The satellite TV equipment - including a satellite dish, up to four receivers, and installation - is free. Cable fees average $39.99 per month, and installation can run up to $100 or more.

Better Customer Service - Any one who has lived with Comcast long enough can vouch for the pathetic customer service that they deploy, whereas DISH Network and DIRECTV have been ranked number one and number two in customer satisfaction among all satellite TV and cable companies by J.D. Power for the last five years. With DISH Network or DIRECTV you get toll-free telephone service or online customer service day and night, seven days a week.

Dish Network is trying really hard these days to increase subscriptions, and hence are offering steal-deals that are hard to let go. With lower monthly packages, free HD-DVR upgrades, installations for upto 5 rooms, free premium channels, and also cashback offers, they have something really enticing for new customers. So if you are looking for new service, or want to switch from Cable to Satelite, give Dish network a shot and you might just find a valuable package that is priced right, just for you!

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