Bye Bye Cell Phones - Hello Smartphones!

The title says it all, doesn't it? These days, a simple cell phone which was primarily used to make and receive calls at the go, seems to be extinct, and those days of simplicity seem to be a thing of the past. Mobile phone is no longer a phone, it has evolved into a gadget, a device that you can use to do multiple things, a Smartphone, that will make your life easier, or difficult, depending on how you see it!And as if that's not enough change, we see a new device making a grand appearance every month or so. Blackberry started it all, and then the iPhone made it all look cool and fancy, getting everyone hooked to the wireless world of Smartphones and Pocket-PC's, where seamless connectivity seems to be the mantra of this era, and reading mobile phone reviews is a favorite timepass!

After the unprecedented success of blackberry and iPhone, the latest devices that are attracting immense attention are the Palm Pre and Droid, both taking after the iphone success and launching their own App stores. If you do not know how to write an iPhone app, or your app is not cool enough to meet their stringent top 20 requirements, then you can easily migrate to the Palm OS and get a headstart on the increasing app storefront. Android-based Droid already has more than 20,0000 apps to its credit, and people are raving about Google's OS which promises to be a tough competition for iPhone.

in fact, Dell just released its new Android-based Mini 3iX for their China and Brazilian markets. Without any buttons and a sleek look, it is turning heads, no doubt! And if that's not surprising, try this. Word is out that with a planned launch of Palm Pre in 2010, Verizon is all set to introduce its own Verizon WebOS, just to entice its gadget-driven customers.

Holidays are around the corner, and getting deals on SmartPhones is a coveted desire. if you are into gadgets, but not so much into iPhone, here's a list of competitive iPhone alternatives, ready to get you rolling no matter what cell-phone carrier or network you choose. The increasing amount of apps, and the larger display sizes, plus the added functionality that makes it easier to access, view, store, update and share personal information makes Smartphones a wise choice for the tech-savvy individuals. There are loads of options available out there, and you'll definitely find something to suit your needs and your budget. So start reviewing your choices, and I hope you find your perfect gadget-mate before the Holiday season!

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Online Games for the Holiday Season!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I bet most of you have started making a wish-list for what you want as gifts! As surprising as it may sound, Games happen to be one of the preferred items on these wish-lists, and with a huge collection of online games available this year, conquering this wish doesn't seem to be that expensive! I remember the board games that used to be a rage a few years back, and frankly, I used to love the idea as it was a great way for a family to connect with one another and spend some quality time having fun. but these days, its all about the online games, which are cheaper, and you don't need to make a special visit to the store to buy them!

A growing interest with all kids, Gaming is a sport that can be good, if used with discretion. With the Wii, Xbox and PSP gaining ground, I'm sure every household has a kid asking for a couple of games as Christmas gifts. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to buy or download these games, look to the web and you'll find what you need. From old-world favorites like Scrabble, Life and Risk to the new rages like JewelQuest & Amazing Adventures, there's a game to suit every age group. From mysteries to puzzles, arcade games to classic board games, online is the way to go. Either go for free or paid downloads, which are reasonable as 9-10 bucks, or just play them online for a cost-effective game time.

So, if you are still thinking what to gift your kids and grand-kids this Christmas, Holiday special games can be a great choice, and will definitely fit your budget, plus, it will bring a smile to your child's face!

Happy Holidays, and Happy Gifting!

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iPhone App to Store Files Online

iphone-appFor those of you who are ardent iPhone fans, you are probably aware of the growing library of more than a million iPhone apps available at your disposal! Though I agree not all of them are bound to make your life easier, they do provide flexibility to handle most of your personal and business life at the touch of a button on your iPhone. A recent addition to the library is the iPhone app for Online File Storage, provided by As more and more people look toward the power of cloud computing for online storage, this might be the app you'd want to spend 5 minutes to check out.

With this FilesAnywhere app you can view, share and manage your remote files directly from your iPhone. As the name suggests, it allows you to share any and every type of file or document, be it Photos, Microsoft documents, movies, slideshows, presentations or entire folders - any type or size of file can be shared in seconds from any computer. And the ability to use the optional Windows or Mac client app to sync your desktop files to your online file storage on your iPhone makes it flexible and easy, beyond doubt.

Besides a bunch of features that are standard for any online storage, FilesAnywhere comes with some other cool capabilities like Automated Login, Zoom in/Zoom out feature on all file types, and the ability to send faxes to any machine in the world using your iPhone!

Right now, you can download this app and a 1GB account at completely FREE! The Catch - You have to login once every two months to keep your free account active. Of course, once you try it, and like it, you can always upgrade to larger plans available online from 2GB to 500GB, as well as multi-user group accounts. I think its a great offer to try out, especially for people like me who love to share stuff through gadgets, plus, you get the benefit of a secure online storage available with free live support! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and download this right now!

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Its time to Spruce up Your Hybrid Cars !

hybrid-cars-accessoriesOk, so President Obama seems to be really serious about the Carbon emissions, and the growing need to use Greener gases, which includes more use of Hybrid cars on the road compared to the Gas-Guzzlers we've all got used to driving. Agreed, Hybrids are not the most convenient cars, especially for family trips and for lugging camping and sports gears for your kids, but with every household having at least 2 cars in their driveways, one cannot refuse the motivation of adapting to the Hybrids, especially the newer ones rolling out everyday, which offer style, class and a better-than-decent mileage, not to mention "cleaner air" for us to breathe!

If you own a Hybrid, or are planning, like me, to join the bandwagon soon, its time you compared not just the hybrid cars, but even the Hybrid accessories available out there. Whether its the tried-and-tested Toyota Prius, the fashionable Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010, or the much hyped about Honda Insight, there are several affordable ways to make your dull cars more charming, by sprucing them up with functional and economical accessories that can please any car enthusiast!

I am still new at this Go Green phase, but I was amazed to find there are SO MANY ways to get more out of your aerodynamically-designed car. From sun visors to window deflectors, from fuel-efficient cables to green-air-filters, and simple iPod integrators to jazzy heat-shields, mudflaps and more, you can choose from a plethora of options for your hybrid accessories, whether you drive a Porsche, Toyota, Lexus or the brand new Tesla! The best part, they don't just improve the efficiency of your vehicle, they actually increase the WOW-factor, making you feel like you are driving a Luxury car rather than a plain, old Hybrid.

So if you haven't already, its time to check out some cool accessories for your next Hybrid car. This way, you'll not only feel enthusiastic about driving a green-car, you will also help the President fulfill his dream of creating a greener earth, and stimulating the economy, at the same time!

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Shop Till You Drop!

The economy may not be as stable as people had expected, yet Consumer sales soared high in the month of May! No one knows why, but maybe because its human nature never to be depressed for too long, so a little bit of shopping can definitely lift your spirits! And unsurprisingly, most of the shopping is not done in the malls or stores, but rather, its all done online, because Yes, that is indeed where the best deals are hidden! PC and Video Games are on the top of the list for summer gifts for children. Luckily, I found ShopWiki, a cool website that lists out all your shopping site options, just like Google, so you get the widest range of choices and prices. Thanks to the competition, companies and online stores are offering several deals on the games and consoles, so you might be in for a treat as your target budget may just go down quite a bit after browsing this list!

Xbox 360 consoles are already dirt cheap in the US. But Microsoft just announced Dell coupons dropping the prices of the Xbox 360 Arcade, Pro, and Elite Holiday Bundles by $30 (now $169), $50 (now $250), and $70 (now $330), respectively, just in time for the holidays, that too with free shipping and either one or two free game tossed in for grins. Hurry now, the offers expire on Monday Thursday, October 23rd and it's not like you can afford to take the family to grandma's house this year anyway.

ShopWiki is a revolutionary site for shopping since it actively seeks out every store on the internet by crawling the web, bringing you the best deals available anywhere. And while there are several things to catch your eye, I really loved their deals on latest PS3 games for as low as $30 bucks!!

Another great thing to try out is Auctions - search for Wii Games Auction, and you'll see great savings on bundled games that you'd never ever find in any store. And what better way to ask for deals but from the experts who breathe, eat and talk games 24/7! Again, ShopWiki will be a good option to try - you'll find some great first-hand tips on where to buy, what to buy, and for how much!

They also have a cool feature where you can filter out the results by price and brand, so you can narrow down your listings. The plenty of related product guides will answer most of your questions if you are not a hardcore Gaming fan, and need some ideas and inspiration! They also have a section on top-rated games, so you know what's "in" these days. Just choose one that fits your budget and you are good to go!

So what are you waiting for? HOp along and buy a little something for yourself, or for your loved one. Gifts go a long way in making someone smile, and its something especially endearing in tough times like these, don't you think!

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Hyperic - For Web App Management

With the growing market in web applications, it becomes imperative to find a consolidated tool that manages web apps in a more complete and organized way. For those seeking a nice alternative to their age-old solutions, Hyperic is a serious consideration. And what's even better, after being named as one of the fastest growing web-app companies, Hyperic has now been acquired by SpringSource, a name known to many in the tech world as the leader in Enterprise java and Apache Tomcat!

Hyperic provides complete, easy-to-use monitoring and management software for all types of web applications, whether hosted in the cloud or on premise. No matter how custom-built your web applications are, Hyperic is designed to give you a perfect-fit, scalable monitoring and management solution. With customer names that include MySQL, Red Hat/JBoss, IBM, VMWare, Citrix, Unisys, and dozens more, you can be rest assured your company's data is in good hands!

Hyperic monitors and manages your applications and infrastructure 24x7 ensuring the shortest downtime, and immediate notification of performance degradation or service unavailability. Through a variety of flexible and advanced alerting conditions, triggered actions and escalation schemes IT and web operations teams can feel confident that their applications and infrastructure are performing optimally. HQ automatically discovers, monitors, and manages software and network resources, regardless of type or location. For more details, visit their website, which clearly shows why Hyperic would be a great choice!

So if you are someone who deals with Tomcat a lot, it might be worth a few minutes to check out Hyperic's solution, irrespective of where your data resides - a data center, a virtual server or a cloud. For complete Enterprise security, analysis and reporting, there's no better name than SpringSource.

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Inkless Photo Printing Made Easy by Zink

Are you tired of buying packs of inkjet cartridges? Let me tell you that salvation is on its way with ZINK, a better way to print photos instantly. As mobile phones are no longer phones, and have officially moved to being "devices", it'd be so easy if we could read news and get direction on our phones, then print it out without needing to stop at a Kinkos! Well, at least we have something close, as far as pictures are concerned - welcome to the world of Zink, a.k.a, "Zero Ink", or inkless printing!

Zink, based in Massachusets USA, is a new startup which is a spinoff of Polaroid. It uses its patented process where all you need to print your photos or documents is to buy Zink special paper, which is embedded with three layers of dye crystals-yellow, magenta and cyan- which are designed to melt at different temperatures. The crystals are colorless before printing, so ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper. Heat from a ZINK-enabled device activates the crystals, forming all the colors of the rainbow. No inkjet cartridges, no printer toners, no bulky printers!! With the unique technology, Zink can make printers which are so small they can be easily integrated into cell phones, digicams, laptops, TV's, digital photo frames and similar household devices.

Using traditional scanners or photo printers are now a thing of the past. Zink's technology essentially eliminates the need for using traditional printers for low-res images. With zero-ink concept embedded into digital cameras, you can easily print high-quality photos to share with friends and family. And if digicams are just not your style, you could still buy the Zink papers and use them with any other zink-enabled device.

The special zero-ink supported paper will be sold by Zink, priced at roughly 20 cents for a 2"x3" print. Just insert the paper into your printer device, and print your Polaroid-quality photos - simple and beautiful, at the click of a button. Till now, I spent a chunk of money on inkjet cartridges to print photos used on holiday greeting cards, but now, I think I'm ready to switch to Zink!

Inkless printing is no longer a dream, thanks to ZINK and its technology. Watch a demo video or find more specific details on their website.

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CheckAppointments - Online Appointment Calendar

I always used to think that companies or small businesses, or doctor's offices could save so much cost and overhead if they had an automated system to maintain appointments, rather than have an office staff keep a tab on all of them, making new appointments, rescheduling them, as well as calling people 24 hours before, reminding them to show up for the same! Finally, I am so happy to see, an online tool that does just that, and much more! But the best part, its FREE!

Check Appointments is basically an online Automated Scheduling software, that takes the burden out of an individual on manually setting up and keeping tab of appointments. It is specifically designed for small-business owners or individuals, and is more like your personal website, where your clients or customers can login, enter their details, view availability of schedule, and book their own time slots. Appointments can be booked for a year in advance, and the software sends a confirmation email once the appointment is confirmed. not only that, it also sends a useful reminder to your clients so they know when to show up!

Its a not-very-fancy, yet pretty useful application, that comes with all the necessary features. Its safe and secure, and can be installed and managed from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. The ease of use and ability to navigate are other plusses. They have a complete list of features, as well as an Online Demo that would walk you through the process. For a free software, it definitely bundles quite a lot, including online support! So hop over and give it a try - there's no charge to sign up, and you might just find it handy in scheduling your appointments, whether they are with clients, or with your favorite friends!

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World's Smallest Single-Person Helicopter

Ok, so there's no doubt in my mind that most of you must have dreamt about owning a private jet sometime in your life! Whether you need a quick spin in the air, wish to take a surprise trip to Puerto Rico or the Carribean, or just propose to your girlfriend "in air", owning a private jet or helicopter has been an expensive dream for quite a lot of us. But looks like technology and luck is on our side! With this smallest private helicopter that you can actually buy, here's your chance to turn your fantasies into realities!

Leonardo da Vinci, the famous painter, was also a great & controversial scientist, whose thoughts and ideas were way ahead of his time, and hence could not be materialized. But his famous notebook drawings from 1493 show an "ornithopter" design with a screw-like rotor, which was actually similar to a helicopter that could actually fly! inspired by Da Vinci's design, Yanagisawa's GEN H-4 was created. It has no tail, and instead works on twin counter-rotating propellers that cancel out the torque that requires single-rotor helicopters to have a perpendicular tail rotor, and can fly at a maximum speed of 50 kilometres (31 miles) per hour.

The GEN H-4 from Gene corporation comes with a seat and landing gear so all you have to do is strap on and you are ready to go. The rotors have a length of only 4 meters (118 inches) so they don't cause any parking problems. It is powered by 4 lightweight 125 cc 2 cylinder engines which use standard gasoline. The GEN H-4 can fly to a maximum altitude of 1000 meters at a top speed of 90 km/hr (59 mph) for upto 30 minutes. And the best part, you dont require a license to fly the GEN H-4 in Japan and the inventors claim it is easy as riding a bicycle and with just 2 hours of practice you can master it. I wish they would get the "no-license" rule in US too!

Yanagisawa(the inventor)runs a company in Matsumoto, north of Tokyo, where he designed and built this first smallest single-person helicopter that weighs 75 kilos(165 lbs). The 75-year old inventor will make a demonstration flight in the city of Vinci, near Florence, on May 25; and only after a trial run in the dessert, he has already sold five units in Japan and two to US customers. The cost for one is a reasonable $58,250; with an average flight speed of 31 mph, its still better than most cars! I'd love to fly everyday to work, but that would cause even more problems with flight and aviation department, not to mention the tonnes of helipads that companies would need to build!! Well, maybe our grand-kids would see that aspect of the world, but for now, I'm just happy with this single-person private helicopter that can fly me to places catering to my whims!

AceCraft is the licensed distributor in the US for this single-person helicopter and their website can answer most of questions and queries, with loads of information and photos.

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