iPhone App to Store Files Online

iphone-appFor those of you who are ardent iPhone fans, you are probably aware of the growing library of more than a million iPhone apps available at your disposal! Though I agree not all of them are bound to make your life easier, they do provide flexibility to handle most of your personal and business life at the touch of a button on your iPhone. A recent addition to the library is the iPhone app for Online File Storage, provided by filesanywhere.com. As more and more people look toward the power of cloud computing for online storage, this might be the app you'd want to spend 5 minutes to check out.

With this FilesAnywhere app you can view, share and manage your remote files directly from your iPhone. As the name suggests, it allows you to share any and every type of file or document, be it Photos, Microsoft documents, movies, slideshows, presentations or entire folders - any type or size of file can be shared in seconds from any computer. And the ability to use the optional Windows or Mac client app to sync your desktop files to your online file storage on your iPhone makes it flexible and easy, beyond doubt.

Besides a bunch of features that are standard for any online storage, FilesAnywhere comes with some other cool capabilities like Automated Login, Zoom in/Zoom out feature on all file types, and the ability to send faxes to any machine in the world using your iPhone!

Right now, you can download this app and a 1GB account at www.filesanywhere.com completely FREE! The Catch - You have to login once every two months to keep your free account active. Of course, once you try it, and like it, you can always upgrade to larger plans available online from 2GB to 500GB, as well as multi-user group accounts. I think its a great offer to try out, especially for people like me who love to share stuff through gadgets, plus, you get the benefit of a secure online storage available with free live support! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and download this right now!

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