Inkless Photo Printing Made Easy by Zink

Are you tired of buying packs of inkjet cartridges? Let me tell you that salvation is on its way with ZINK, a better way to print photos instantly. As mobile phones are no longer phones, and have officially moved to being "devices", it'd be so easy if we could read news and get direction on our phones, then print it out without needing to stop at a Kinkos! Well, at least we have something close, as far as pictures are concerned - welcome to the world of Zink, a.k.a, "Zero Ink", or inkless printing!

Zink, based in Massachusets USA, is a new startup which is a spinoff of Polaroid. It uses its patented process where all you need to print your photos or documents is to buy Zink special paper, which is embedded with three layers of dye crystals-yellow, magenta and cyan- which are designed to melt at different temperatures. The crystals are colorless before printing, so ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper. Heat from a ZINK-enabled device activates the crystals, forming all the colors of the rainbow. No inkjet cartridges, no printer toners, no bulky printers!! With the unique technology, Zink can make printers which are so small they can be easily integrated into cell phones, digicams, laptops, TV's, digital photo frames and similar household devices.

Using traditional scanners or photo printers are now a thing of the past. Zink's technology essentially eliminates the need for using traditional printers for low-res images. With zero-ink concept embedded into digital cameras, you can easily print high-quality photos to share with friends and family. And if digicams are just not your style, you could still buy the Zink papers and use them with any other zink-enabled device.

The special zero-ink supported paper will be sold by Zink, priced at roughly 20 cents for a 2"x3" print. Just insert the paper into your printer device, and print your Polaroid-quality photos - simple and beautiful, at the click of a button. Till now, I spent a chunk of money on inkjet cartridges to print photos used on holiday greeting cards, but now, I think I'm ready to switch to Zink!

Inkless printing is no longer a dream, thanks to ZINK and its technology. Watch a demo video or find more specific details on their website.

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Michael said...

Call me old-fashioned, but how is this Zink better than a Polaroid camera?