A PC in your Coffee Cup?? - An Interesting Concept by Yuno PC!!

When technology and creativity come together, you can be sure that an innovation is born! What are the two things you rely on the most to get you through your work day? I bet most of you answered "Coffee" and "Personal Computer". So you'll be glad to know about a new personal computer concept that combines the power of both these essentials in one unique design! Its like being connected to the world, without carrying the bulk of a laptop, and sipping your caffeine that is sure to keep you on your toes. Check out this cool, trendy, yet amazingly useful gadget that will take your breath away!

Designed by Jason Farsai, this looks simply like your regular Starbucks Coffee Cup, albeit more colorful and trendy. Everyone has their own routine, what they read, watch, listen to, and of course drink. The Yuno PC mug incorporates all the important morning alerts such as weather, time, traffic, stocks, and more on its touchscreen display, so you no longer need to log on to your laptop or newspaper! You can customize your alerts and that will help you get the most out of your morning by providing you computer tools and accessories right on your Coffee Mug. Just imagine your life when you can play songs, drink coffee, get weather reports, send email using the same coffee mug that you use several times in your daily life.

Sounds really interesting, right? Before you get all excited and ready to buy one, let me tell you that this is just a concept, and though it sounds plausible, it does raise some questions too about how you could achieve it. The processing power, the memory, internet connectivity, protection from beverage, touchscreen capability and more need some serious thought. But then, look how much technology has developed in merely the last decade and you'll know that there's a great chance you'll buy one of these for yourself before you get too old to drink coffee or trade stocks! Any takers??:)

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Anthony said...

looks really cool! and if they can actually do it, I'd buy a couple!:)


Julie said...

neat concept, and very useful!


emily&sarah said...

yeahhhhh right....like it actually works.