Solar Laptop Charger Bag - An Efficient Way to Charge your Laptops and Electronic Devices

The Go-Green culture is picking up with the rising awareness of depleting natural resources and the growing Green House effects. Turning towards renewable and natural sources of energy has become the need of the hour. Voltaic Systems recently announced a Solar Laptop Bag at the CES 2008(Consumer Electronics Show) which could be a real blessing as Laptops remain to be the most power-consuming devices in this world! It uses high efficiency solar cells to generate maximum power in the limited space available, and it can also charge cell phones and most other hand held electronics.

The Voltaic Generator is the first solar bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. It is so designed that the solar panel generates up to 14.7 watts of energy from a day of direct sunlight, which is sufficient to fully charge a laptop. The included battery pack efficiently stores the equivalent of a typical laptop charge and automatically delivers the required output voltages to the device. Common adaptors are included for easy connection to laptops, phones and other handheld electronic devices also via USB or car-chargers.

Other features of the Solar Laptop Bag include capacity to hold up to a 17" laptop inside a protective case. The bag fabric is made from recycled PET (soda bottles), which is tough, water resistant and light-weight. Experts believe that a 14-watt panel will be good enough for charging a laptop when it is not in use. But running it directly from the sun would require larger, and more expensive panels.

However, it looks like Voltaic Systems has done a good job of providing an alternative solution to meet the need, and it definitely ties well with the Green Products Theme. They plan to sell it by the spring of 2008, and the expected starting price would be $599.

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Victor said...

599 is a bit high for this bag! but if it really works and sells, they might bring down the price....then it would be a good buy i think!:)


Anthony said...

I love this! there will be a time when people will be forced to turn to greener solutions, and this is a perfect fit!

nice post:)


Andy said...

Sounds good! thanks for such informative posts!


Manpreet said...

Mansi, I stumbled across this post today. It is hot yaar. Now that it is 2008, do you think the bag has started to be sold?

Laptop Chargers said...

So impressive and effective!

simon said...

Pricey Bag but what a great idea!