Yamaha Bodibeat - The Music Player that Plays Songs to Match the Rythm of your Body!

With Apple's iPod becoming more and more affordable, people find exercising and hitting a gym to be less cumbersome! We all know that listenign to music can soothe your nerves and make you more relaxed. Technology has given us devices that combine heart-rate monitors and pedometers with a music player, but seems like we always want some more! So if you are one of those who crave to show off trendy gadgets, and are a regular exercise freak, Yamaha's Bodibeat seems to be a logical choice!

No one knows you as well as your Yamaha Bodibeat, claims Yamaha Corporation, which plans to release the first-of-its kind MP3 player that scans your music collection and plays tunes in sync with your heartbeat. Expanding on similar gadgets that already exist, they have added a cool feature which is trendy, but I'm not sure if its any more useful.

The player works in four modes: Free Workout, Fitness, Training and a Standard music-playing mode. The workout mode automatically matches your music with your heartbeat —slow down and you might get some smooth jazz; speed up and you get some techno music! The Fitness mode is more suited for Aerobic exercise,while the Training mode plays music that encourages you to push harder!

The BodiBeat comes with a set of electronic beats or can pull music from your own collection (just like any other music player). The software lets you record runs and plan workouts based on intensity and speed, by measuring your distance, time, pace and heart rate. It comes with a large range of settings so you can program the device to suit your needs!

They are taking order registrations for this year. So all you body-builders out there, click here to check out more and order one for yourself!

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