Starbucks Joins With AT&T To Offer Free Public Wi-Fi!

I am currently reading the book called "The Starbucks Experience", which shares the top 5 principles that makes Starbucks what it is, and how it has achieved to be a favorite in the retail business. Still totally awed by the depth of their customer management and personal approach to every customer, I was pleasantly surprised that they have confirmed the announcement about providing free Wi-Fi internet access in over 7000 Starbucks locations in the US! The place was already a haven and tranquil abode for many of us, and with this latest news, the coffee baristas have just upped their revenue and customer loyalty even higher! I can totally imagine myself and several others sipping the delicious coffee blends while finishing up on work or simply browsing the nest!

Starbucks has teamed up exclusively with AT&T to provide free Wi-Fi access to AT&T subscribers as well as free two hours of Wi-Fi to those who make purchases at the world's largest coffee chain. Breaking away from T-Mobile, all customers of AT&T's DSL and U-verse Internet services will have free, unlimited access to the hotspots. AT&T's cellphone customers will also have the option in the near future, the coffee producers say. Starbucks Card holders will also have two hours of use per day on top of their existing benefits.

Paid access will still remain available to customers outside of AT&T service and should cost $4 for two hours of access or $20 per month for access both to Starbucks wireless points as well as AT&T's roughly 70,000 hotspots. This is a very competitive pricing, and would bring in a lot more visitors buying coffee while surfing the net!

Teaming up with the nation's larget communication network is a great step as Starbucks strives to accelerate the rollout of its Apple Wi-Fi deal, which lets both iTunes-equipped computers, the iPhone, and the iPod touch gain limited free access to Starbucks wireless locations for the sake of sampling and buying music through the network. I am really liking the strategic thinking that Starbucks is showcasing, and I have to say I hold them in even more esteem than before!

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