The Blue Frog Lounge (Mumbai) - Cool Restaurant Design in India by the Serie Architects

Indian architecture for the most part has been traditional with carvings and intricate patters, and for a long time, people used to favor these traditional settings until the West came to influence the thinking and gave birth to a new design style of "cool and retro"! And now, its very common to see designers come up with chic yet comfortable and meaningful ideas in terms of house decor, furniture and designing buildings, offices, and now restaurants. Check out this latest Restaurant and Lounge in Mumbai, currently termed as the most hip-city in India. The Blue Frog Lounge is designed in cool blue shades with psychedelic lights to suit your moods.

Anglo-Indian architect Serie has completed the design of the Blue Frog acoustic lounge and studios in Mumbai, India. Why the name "Blue Frog"?? Well, the moment you step into the lounge, you'll be struck by a vision similar to frogs sitting on lily pads. For unobstructed people and performer watching, you'll see staggered heights and angled booths atop a glowing blue lake of light, giving the impression of floating in a warm lake under the spring moonlight!! The designers Chris Lee and Kapil Gupta, have successfully created an entertainment space that is both attractive and stand-offish at the same time, mirroring its patrons casual chic attitudes. Just take a look at their restrooom design below and you'll know what I'm talking about!

The lounge will be used as a music venue within a complex of sound recording studios in a converted warehouse and incorporates a restaurant, bar and live music stage. The different sized cylindrical booths seat between 4 and 10 people and are arranged at various heights to stagger the eye levels of seated diners and standing customers, intended to afford uninterrupted views of the stage. The empty central area can be used as additional space for standing visitors or as an extension to the stage. The undulating booth structure is made from block board finished with mahogany and topped with back-lit 8mm acrylic sheets. As it'll mostly be used as a recording studio, the walls are designed t be bumpy and textured to help absorb sound.

This sure shows that architecture and design is getting highly competitive in India, and its not far when the designers in the rest of the world will look towards indians for ideas and innovations!

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Amit said...

awesome!! that's a great design! Indian architects are surely driving things up, and you wouldn't see it anywhere but Mumbai!:)


Janki said...

amazing! Mumbai rocks!

I love the bathroom design!:D


emily&sarah said...

this is cool :) i wanna go!