Go4Funding.com - An Online Meeting Place for Young Entrepreneurs and Investors

This decade can successfully be called an era of startups, and pursuing an idea or a business dream has definitely become much more easier and less complicated than it used to be a few years ago. More and more people with money are looking to invest in young startups and projects as Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists. And with more tools available online, if you have a bright idea, but fall short on the capital, you can surely find quite a few pwople to back you up! Go4Funding.com is one such website that I really liked. Unlike several others, it is unique as it offers a fresh look and provides a platform to bring entrepreneurs, business owners and investors closer together.

Go4Funding is designed exclusively to simplify the whole process of investing, looking for funds or setting up various resources required to take your business plans to the next level. The site is very well-organized and categorised, and its layout resembles a blog in some way, especially how they display the recent, Most Popular and Most rated categories. This site is strictly intended for existing business owners and entrepreneurs to post their capital needs. Investors can browse through various investment opportunities as well. What I really like is that you can narrow your results by industry or category, investment range and location. They even have a large number of listings for India, China, Canada, UK and Mexico!

If you are an entrepreneur, you must create your profile and add a listing about your idea or business and your Funding Needs. If you are an angel investor, private investor or venture capitalist who is looking to invest in startup companies or small businesses, you can browse through a lot of proposals and also view Business Ideas, then choose the ones that interest you enough! As a registered member, you can take advantage of the chance to post your credentials and financial needs online, meet and correspond with other network members, and browse through the various company profiles. This is basically the first step for finding your partners, and Go4Funding makes it easy for you to do so! They also have some really helpful articles on their site for budding entrepreneurs.

I was fascinated by this site, and I really think it has been designed extremely well. Everything is structured so you can find what you need, and it's a great meeting platform for the concerned parties. So if you haven't already, go check them out right here and see if you find something that piques your interest!

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Amit said...

they've got quite a bit of information! thanks for pointing it to us!


John said...

this is a great resource! I'm already finding so much information in here! thanks for sharing Mansi!


murali said...

Thanks for the pointer. Nice to hear the word "angel" funding after several years of drought.