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Just today morning I was talking to my husband about how technology and internet has taken over our lives, most importantly, in the ecommerce world! Gone are the days when you'd have to visit a physical store to buy what you need. The new world opens new possibilities, and you can search, review, compare, explore and buy most products and services online! This also presents ample opportunity to merchants and businessmen to drive their sales without incurring high initial cost of buying a physical store. aShop provides a turn-key solution for all your ecommerce needs! It is a secure, web-based, hosted store building solution for setting up your online business. With no software to install, you can build and manage an online store from any computer anywhere in the world with only and internet connection.

As more and more people spend higher amount of time browsing the web for products or information, it makes even more sense to invest in an online store. And if you find a software that allows you to build a customised storefront with unique designs and lots of cool features, it's an offer you cannot say No to, right! aShop is a really cool service as it lets you design your own store, and helps with free initial designs. It comes with a lot of necessary features like support for major credit cards, No fixed terms or contracts, affordable monthly fees, cart software with 128 bit SSL security, email, payment integration, and 24hr technical support. The shopping cart software also allows you to customize everything from Look and Design to Shipping requirements, Discounts and Payment Options. What's more, it offers you a 10-day Free Trial period so you can check out the service and see if it works for you, before you commit to it! Check out a huge list of features and pricing options here.

It sounds like a great and affordable ecommerce software solution for both young and established merchants looking to increase their reach and sales. The best part is, it is web-based so you don't download anything. And also, you don't need to be HTML-savvy or a tech geek to be able to design and run your online store! If you are someone who plans to sell stuff online, you should definitely check out aShop!

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JK said...

I checked out the site and it looks cool! even the prices are not that bad..starts with 50$ upto 200$...pretty decent!