FuelVapor Introduces a High-Mileage Low-Emission Next-Generation Sports Car

Global Warming has taken its toll everywhere, and the "Go Green" technology seems to be the mantra of the hour. Everyone is trying their best to make the environment cleaner in any possible way, and FuelVapor has come out with an extra-ordinary Green Sports Car that looks like something out of this planet, or perhaps a james Bond Movie!! If you thought Hybrids are the best you can get to fight the escalating fuel prices, think again! What if I told you there's a fancy-looking sports car that guarantees a high-mileage, keeps the air cleaner, and can go from 0 to 60mph in 5 seconds??

FuelVapor Technologies has developed a new technology that has produced one of the highest mileage cars in North America. Created by inventor George Parker, this new concept car - the “alé” (alay) uses regular gasoline and a new “fuel vapor technology” to acheive what it advertises.

This car is really out-of-this-world, as it has only 3 wheels!! This design enables the car to perform at a superb level, as well as aid in improving fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. The car’s key innovation's are the fuel vapor system and it's light weight aerodynamic body. This fuel vapor technology (patent pending) allows the engine to run on “fuel vapors” rather than liquid fuel, which allows the “alé” to run on a ratio of over 20:1 without compromising performance. This means with a 10-gallon gas tank found on most vehicles, you can travel from Vancouver BC to San Francisco CA on one tank. Over 15 hours of driving without filling up.

The first prototype is now complete and the results are outstanding. Plans are for limited production ale's to begin fabrication in 2008. People have actually test-driven this beauty. For more details about the design, engine, features and pictures, visit their website. FuelVapor Technologies will also be competing in the "Automotive X-Prize" - a $10 million competition for the fastest 100mpg car in the world.

I'm certainly wishing them the best, for this could be an innovation we are all waiting for!!

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David said...

wow!! that truly looks like out of a James BOnd Movie!! amazing! great post Mansi!:)


Create Your Pot of Wealth said...

Wow!! that's a cool car you have in your article. Look like a batmobile. haha.. Maybe I might put some thing like this on my blog. www.desire-for-wealth.

Eric Boyd said...

For more information on the Automotive X Prize, check out the official site. For information on the various teams, try my website: X Prize Cars. There is a Fuel Vapor page :-)

car guy said...

I do really like the look of the car but after looking at their website I see they are running vaporized gasoline at an air to fuel ratio of 20-1. Running in a Lean-Burn condition to improve performance and fuel efficiency is old news. The resulting excessive amount of NOX in the exhaust is a problem yet to be solved. There is an Oregon company called Vapor Fuel Technologies, LLC that is reporting an independently proven vapor system that is already patented and does not have the NOX problem since they are not running lean. Their website is Vapor Fuel Technologies LLC if you are interested.

Mansi Desai said...

thanks for sharing all the additional info people! this one's really creating some buzz:)