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As everything seems to move online, websites and blogs seem to be the place to find any and all information that you seek, whether it's about people, places or stuff. And with social networking sites and blog feed aggregators rising every day, there's way more options to choose from! iGoogle gives you a personalised page filled with news, weather updates and more, and now there's something similar if you want to know what’s new in your neighborhood or city! EveryBlock gives you all the info you need to keep you current on what’s going on around you.

Currently supporting New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, EveryBlock collects all the recent news and postings from a city and then filters it down into different groups, such as business and restaurant reviews, crime reports, and general news stories. You can search through your whole city or narrow it down by putting in your zip code or your neighborhood. EveryBlock gives you everything you need to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. The site seems pretty clean, organised and easy-to-navigate. And if you are not sure of what you want to see, there are several categories of news to choose from, and you can choose to select by zipcode, neighborhood, street name, or simply a list of news categorised by Type. The information is presented in a simple and uncluttered way, with just the headlines on the search results page. clicking the link will take you to the detailed page which has some pretty nifty features!

You can personalize the page by choosing your options and setting filters. The best part, EveryBlock gathers a variety of news and information from around the Internet, including some information that doesn't even exist online, and presents it in a way that any laymen can understand and appreciate! It's like unravelling your city, or reading the local newspaper everyday, just a visually more appealing and informative experience. I think this is a great concept; check out for yourself and let us know how you feel about it!

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Jason said...

That looks promising! San Jose mercury news needs to know about this, as it could easily replace it:) I liked the concept and the layout of the site


Eddie said...

Liekd the concept..the site looks good too!