Tata Nano (World's Cheapest Car) - An Innovation that Fuels the Indian Dream

The US economy might not be in its best times, but the growth and revolutions in emerging markets like India are breaking all barriers! The latest to hit the ever-growing Asian and European markets is the sensational Tata Nano - the no-fuss, fuel-efficient energy car that has fueled every Indian's dream to own a car. Anywhere else, a new car may have received some acclaim for what it's worth, but in india, things are different. Advertised as "the world’s cheapest car", the Nano is a no-frills automobile designed by Tata to be affordable to millions who commute on 2-wheelers carrying a family of 4-6!! The impact is huge, and everyone is excited at the prospect of owning a car that is only 1 lakh rupees ($2500). But whether it stands the tests of time, and whether it creates more problems than solutions is yet to be seen.

Termed as a "People's Car", it is a cute (or maybe not!!), compact car designed to appeal to first-time car buyers in one of the world’s fastest growing car markets. The car is the culmination of about five years of research and input from designers across the world. But it is definitely a step ahead in innovation, right from using aerospace adhesives instead of welding, a clean and efficient fuel-burning technology to the concept, distribution strategy and marketing, and has succeeded in catching the attention of the world.

Designed to look sleek and compact, about the size of a BMW Mini Cooper, and styled to enable aerodynamics, this concept car is not for those seeking class. The four-door Nano is a little over 10 feet long and nearly 5 feet wide. It is powered by a 623cc two-cylinder engine at the back of the car. With 33 horsepower, the Nano is capable of 65 miles an hour. There's a singel wind-shield wiper, and no A/C (though a high-end version will also be out sooon) Its four small wheels are at the absolute corners of the car to improve handling. There is a small trunk, big enough for a duffel bag, but on the whole, it does give tough competition to the current favorite Maruti-800.

But a look at the side effects of this revolution is in order here. As everyone knows, India is densely-populated, and the current road conditions, narrow lanes, and lack of traffic control, and the dearth of parking structures may be on a rise if the streets get flooded with these cars!! On the other hand, neccessity is the mother of invention, so this might give rise to more infrastructure opportunities and new businesses! It will surely be a safer bet for those families of 6 who risk their lives travelling long distances on a motor-bike!!

But saying all this, whether the Tata Nano succeeds in revolutionalising the automotive industry is yet to be seen. If it delivers all that it has promised, it may surely be seen in every low-middle-class household in a short span of time. Check out more videos and pics here, and tell us what you think about this Mini Car Revolution.

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Rajesh said...

This is a revolution for sure, but I don't know what it will do to indian traffic! that's my biggest concern:(


Anil Kumar A S said...

Have you guys ever thought this car may even replace Autorickshwas which cost around 3.5 lac. But such a thing is great for safety of people. Indians never use helmet on bikes. And parking !!!!! phew where are you going to park your cars, on street I guess.Just imagine how every home will have their car parked on the road. Imagine cities like Bangalore with such a situation.


Jason said...

every new innovation is intimidating at first; but I'm sure this car is going to do great!