Smitten by the iPhone Bug? - Here's Something Cool for iPhone SDK developers

As eccentric as the Apple CEO Steve Jobs might seem to be, he hit a jackpot with the launch of iPhone, and generated an even bigger mass and critical appeal with the announcement of iPhone 2.0 and SDK. iPhone undoubtedly has to be the most hype-worthy device at least for the tech world last year, and the buzz still seems to be going on. If you are one of the several aspiring developers who downloaded the iPhone-SDK with hopes of creating cool applications, you may have witnessed that in order to publish any apps you must have applied to, been accepted to, and paid $99 for the iPhone Developer program!

I was browsing the web for some interesting iphone applications in the making, when I stumbled upon this amazing site that is like a heaven for all iphone SDK developers. It's like the ultimate iphone online community where you can share and download apps, wallpapers, games, ringtones, accessories and much more related to the device. Not only that, it's a cool site that seems to be buzzing with active readers and developers ready to showcase their ingenious apps. They have a forum which has discussions to appease a hungry iphone-lover, hard-core techie or newbie alike. And they have recently launched a cool Live Chat Feature for registered memebers so you can interact and find answers to your queries any time of the day!

If you are one of those crazy iPhone fans, or looking for new ideas about iphone apps, I think you need to take a look at planet-iphones. Not only is it a great resource for iphone SDK developers, but also for simple geeks like me who are looking for more information or views about the device. That's where I found that becoming an iphone developer is not that easy, nor is it free! Anyways, I just thought I'd share this site with you before I countinued with my idle browsing. Hope you have fun meeting fellow iphone geeks on that planet!!:) By the way, they have also made their site iphone-friendly so you can browse it on your phone too! Now that's what I call commited to a cause!!:)

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