Axacore- An Affordable Solution for Document Management and Fax Services

As the enterprise world moves towards Telepresence, Fax and IP for all their telecommunication needs, large corporations may find it difficult to find solutions that are scalable yet affordable and easy to implement. Luckily for them, Axacore provides fax services that totally fit the bill. This is a document imaging and data conversion software engineering shop with a mission to develop tools that make capturing, delivering, digitizing and archiving paper documents faster, easier and more affordable. Many traditional fax-based vendors have abandoned efforts to advance their technologies, but Axacore has found a niche in the market providing archiving and search and retrieval capabilities in document intensive environments.

Axacore offers two solutions: FaxAgent and XDOC, which cater to fax software and document management respectively. Talking about FaxAgent, this is a software/hardware solution designed to track, manage and deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. It automatically indexes incoming and outgoing documents and users can quickly retrieve specific faxes by conducting targeted searches. FaxAgent’s .NET architecture and SQL scalability make the product an attractive option for any IT professional seeking a fax server solution. It also offers some really useful features like the ability to send faxes directly over IP, and the ability to have unlimited user accounts and profiles, alongwith security and system tracking, to name a few.

XDOC, on the other hand, compliments the fax-software by facilitating the document management part including scan, fax, print and upload, all through a broadband internet connection. The web-based design needs no client installation, and also offers scalability and higher standards over the past solutions. It comes with Advanced Imaging options, authenticated accounts, faster integration and tonnes of other features that you can check out on their website.

I think Axacore has succeeded in terms of innovating the age-old fax and document management model, and no wonder it won the Editor's Choice Award in the Network Computing Magazine. It is a class-apart form the traditional software we've been used to handling, and affordable too. It can surely be an efficient and cost-effective solution for big or small companies, so go check it out!

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