Exmocare BT2 - A New Look at Emotion Interpretation and Medical Monitoring

Decades ago, people would never have accepted the fact that human brain can be demystefied, studied and emotional responses can be recreated. But with the advent of latest technology, scientists know a lot more about the anatomy and response of the human brain. Exmocare is one such device-maker whoc creates wearable, multi-sensor devices that use signals from your body to infer things about your emotional state. Their motive: "Sometimes, dangerous situations are actually predicted from individual physiological patterns, allowing responders to handle the problem before it even happens."

Exmocare had given us a revolutionary, limited edition wearable medical monitoring wristwatch, called the BT1, that tracks several key vital signs 24/7, stores the information and transmits data to a physician. The Exmocare BT2 builds on the critical success of the BT1 to enable businesses and researchers to evaluate the patent-pending sensor technology of the forthcoming Exmocare Empath. They believe that by interpreting an information-rich, individually-tailored physiological context, you can determine the emotional state of a person wearing an Exmocare device. In addition to highly accurate heart rate and heart-rate variability, the BT2 is capable of simultaneously monitoring skin conductance, skin temperature, and relative movement. The BT2 basically works in the following way:

1. The Exmocare watch monitors its wearer and tells a PC if something is wrong.
2. The PC passes this information along to the Internet.
3. If something is wrong, Exmocare alerts a caregiver or family member's PC, PDA or cell phone.
4. The first responder knows instantly when something is wrong.

Every human responds in a different way to a situation, but the Exmocare emotion interpretation system is based on the belief that fairly accurate emotional interpretation is possible, given good general guidelines for a physiologically similar group of people. In addition to these, the system also adapts to individuals wearing it, thereby getting more accurate over time.

The Exmocare BT2 is capable of streaming real time data over Bluetooth for more than 18 hours. It charges over USB, allowing you to continue using it while the battery charges. When connected over USB, the BT2 can stream data for an indefinitely long period of time. Exmocare Inc. makes the world's only all-in-one wireless human diagnostic wristwatch for automated, online 24/7 chronic care. You can get detailed features or download a prospectus from their website.

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This really looks like something I could use for my grandma! thanks for sharing!