Considering an Executive MBA??

There used to be a time when an MBA was considered to be something special. But now, it has pretty much become a required degree for executives and senior managers looking to climb up the corporate ladder. True, you need to show potential to be a leader or manager, but getting an executive MBA from one of the good schools can totally separate you from your competition and put you out there! It can be expensive, and often difficult with work and family, but if you are really keen on getting ahead, this might be your best option.

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are designed to train senior managers, leaders or executives, who have preferably worked for 3-5 years. These programs are perfect for someone who has been in a field for quite some time, but needs additional leadership skills to climb the tech ladder. Full-time MBA's generally take upto two years, while the part-time options may need more time; irrespective of which one you choose, they focus on general management and business principles, Finance, HR or other specialised fields. Getting aid for an EMBA from your workplace may be the best way to meet the tuition needs, but there are also schools which provide financial assistance.

Leaning towards joining one myself, I know one of the primary concerns is to find a good yet affordable school. There are several great schools offering such programs, but if you reside in California, Pepperdine University offers a really good executive MBA program; it is not only ranked, but also competitive and affordable compared to other options. And with locations in LA, Irvine, Malibu and Silicon Valley, you have several locations to choose from. The curriculum looks pretty complete, but what really caught my eye was their International Project session, which involves eight days of international travel and onsite visits with faculty-directed discussions and interactions with business, government, and community leaders. In the highly frowing global culture, I think this would be really helpful. The executive MBA program is ranked among the top 50 worldwide, and offers loans, financial aid and scholarships. They conduct open houses from time to time, so be sure to check it out if you are interested.

If you are reading this article, you probably already know the importance of an EMBA, as well as that of getting a degree from an accredited university. Remember, a great school that is ranked and offers more onsite projects and internships is best suited to groom the leader in you. So, as I get back to my research, check out pepperdine and see if it works for you! Learning is a lifetime process, and if you are struggling in leaping ahead from your manager position, an EMBA could surely make things a bit easier!

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