Solar-Powered Workspace Desk - No more dungy cubicles!

Though you may find it hard to believe, there are many people who love their jobs, but it's the location of where they do their job that can make the task unpleasant. Cubicles and offices can get very dull and dark, the artificial lighting does not help much, nor do the artificial plants! Research shows that a little daylight, fresh air, and greenery would do wonders to a workers mentality and perhaps even increase work productivity. What if there was a way to actualy make this happen? Before you start thinking that I'm insane, let me tell you that I'm talking about the Solar-Powered Desk which acts as an eco-friendly outdoor workspace so you can choose to work in your campus, without wasting your time!

What do you do when you really need some light and fresh air, but cannot afford to take a break? You could grab your laptop and work under a tree, but that not being the most productive way to work, you'd be forced to step back into the dungeons in no time. Not any more though! Just carry this solar powered outdoor workspace with you and you can work outdoors as much as you want!

Designed by Mathias Schnyder, the solar powered outdoor workspace is basically a chair with solar roof that retains and converts solar energy. The energy is then delivered to an outlet in the middle of a round table in front of the chair, serving to be a power-outlet for your laptop. You can even carry a group of these chairs together for an outdoor conference! A neat way to conduct an off-site, I must say! Nicely contoured with no sharp edges, its a great ergonomic design too.

There is no information yet on the price or the availability of this solar powered outdoor workspace. But it sure looks like something companies could invest in! Just imagine how much more you'd enjoy working outside enjoying the summer sun! In fact, this could also be a great alternative to home-offices as with these solar-powered chairs you could work in your garden or backyard, in a more relaxing, refreshing and brighter environment. This idea surely appealed to me, just like the Solar Laptop Bag. It looks elegant, is eco-friendly and definitely useful; now let's just hope its priced good too!!

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