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Samsung W510-green phonesWith the likes of iPhone, Instinct and Blackberry Bold trying to lure customers to switch from simple mobile phones to mobile devices, it gets really tough to decide what to buy. On top of that, there are always the myriad of cheaper options, which may not come with querty keyboards or touch-screen interface, but are still equipped with features more than required by an average consumer. Thanks to the power of the internet, there are several useful cell-phone sites that come to our rescue, and today I'm going to tell you about one such option for my UK readers.

The cell-phone market has become highly competitive, and while the manufacturers try to compete with one another, it only means more options for customers like us. But reasearching mobile phone deals individually can get cumbersome, which i found while trying to get a phone for my neice in UK. Luckily, I found a site that was very well-laid out, and easy to navigate. DialToSave brings you the best deals from UK cell-phone retailers across the internet, along with deals for cheap international calls. Most featured deals include discounted line rental, automatic cashback or free gifts and of course a free mobile phone, but the best part is the ability to have one interface where I can compare all my options, and choose what's best for me.

I needed a pay-as-you-go phone for my neice, and it was easy to find as they have a category of options neatly laid out, alongwith applicable carrier names. the home page shows all the best-sellers for a type of plan, alongwith featured deals and free-gift options, which by the way, include glamorous choices like free cashback, HDTv's, iPod Nano, or even a Nintendo DS! The page also have their own blog, which features some interesting articles about the phones, and also several helpful phone reviews by their editors.

A click ahead will take you to your choice of phone to list all features and compare prices from different vendors, sorted by price or popularity. What's more, when you buy a phone, then submit a review, you automatically enter a draw to win 100 pounds! With almost all carriers and handset vendors in their huge database, you can be sure you'll be able to get the best available price that you deserve! by the way, they also have a section about broadband comparison if you are interested. You can check for providers in your area, compare actual broadband speeds, and choose from cable, high-speed or unlimited broadband options.

There are several similar sites for the US market, but I had not found a good one for the UK market, and landing on to this site was a boon. I got a great deal on the Sony Ericsson S500i Purple Mobile Phone for my niece, and I can't wait to see her reaction when she receives her b'day present! Amazon sells it for 109 pounds, while I got it for only 79! So give DialtoSave a shot before you are ready to order your next UK mobile phone; I'm pretty sure you'll thank me for it!

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