X-Ray Handbag - Cool or Spooky??!!

Many a times you've seen women carrying fashionable handbags and purses that catches your eye and you crave to have something similar. A typical example of "Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride". But then again, how many times have you looked at a handbag and tried to imagine what's inside it? Would be a fun game to guess the stuff that lies inside an opaque bag, and I know many of us would have played such games as kids! But suddenly, something that I am about to tell you might not make this idea a fun game anymore! In fact, I felt it was downright spooky to imagine what would happen if we could really see inside a handbag!!

Think Geek, the creators of stuff for geeks is out with something intriguing yet cool for some and spooky for the others, an X-Ray Bag that shows the contents inside your bag! Right in time for Halloween, huh?! These X-Ray tote and shoulder bags made of a space-age woven plastic fiber appear to have been bombarded by X-rays and magically make your eyes sensitive to their reflection. So now, what you carry inside is no longer a secret! Whether its something interesting like a wad of cash, credit cards, i-phone or diamonds, or something as fickle as sunglasses or a pair of clothes, you choose what to show, and even when it is only a hoax, it is one cool trick that will leave people agape! Just buy a bag with neutral stuff on it and a thief will never even think of trying to steal something from that tote-bag...After all, what use is a pair of clothes to him:)

For those who wish to carry real precious stuff, but sadly don't actually get to buy it, you can live your whims by buying a bag with fancy article images...Be bold and daring, and pick one that suits you! If you are interested in buying one, click here.

I don't think I'd like to carry one myself personally, but I have seen someone else carrying it, and I was intrigued enough to stop and give her bag a hard look! The x-ray effect is tantalizing, and this would be a cool gift for a teen!

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Alfred said...

looking inside a woman's bag is a damn scary thing :S
they always have a whole cupboard full of stuff in there oO

c e e d y said...

thats a pandoras box i will not like to venture into....once its empty on a flat surface - you just wonder where did all this come from and why poor lady are you carrying this weight....no wonder they are always pissed ;P

Abhishek Khanna said...

i agree wid alfred above.. peeped in outta curiosity.. its like a black hole.. anything can go in it :-s

KMF said...

nice post

Pijush said...

Haha.. thats interesting.

backpakker said...

I guess if anyone wants to see my handbag, they are in for a shock !