Drive your hotel with you - Hotel Movil

Man has already soared heights by inventing private jets and charter planes that are as luxurious as one can imagine. The seas are brimming with Yachts that host spectacular parties and huge Cruise ships which can treat you like royalty. What you saw in Titanic is probably 1/10th of what is out there.

And now, replacing RV's, which till today were the best in terms of comfort and luxury on the road, comes the Spanish giant called Hotel Movil(photo courtesy of Please welcome the first of its kind, a luxurious pop-up hotel
which is like a large truck trailer that can be dragged to any location and turned into a two level hotel within 30 minutes!! Yes, sounds too goo to be true, but not when you see this video. (Select fabrication, then video) A few clicks with your finger-tips, and this giant truck transforms into one of the most beautiful and lavish portable homes that you would have ever seen. After its 11 rooms are unfolded, the hotel on wheels can sleep up to forty people, making it roomy enough for wedding parties, family reunions or luxury camping trips with a large group of friends.

It is made of steel, but the interiors will leave you dumbfounded. Hotel Movil isn't short on luxury: every room has a bathroom, plasma screen TV, DVD, internet access and more. Depending on the trailer's configuration, a bar and movie screening room can also be included. You can have your private patio and balcony. The Price for a weekend rental is EUR 7,000. Alternatively, you can buy a hotel of your own for EUR 400,000. This sure is competitive with the cost of the RV's at present, considering the functionality and luxury it offers. Now, is that an interesting innnovation or not??!!

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